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How Can My Business Save on a Business Owners Policy?

Business Insurance Business Owners Policy

Insuring your Massachusetts business through a business owners policy is a great way to help keep your business’ insurance premiums low, for many insurers offer discounts on the coverages included in this type of

How Do I Switch Insurers When Paying My Homeowners Insurance Via Escrow?

Homeowners Insurance

Many homeowners in Massachusetts pay their homeowners insurance premiums through an escrow account that’s linked with their mortgage. If your homeowners premiums are paid this way, it’s still easy to switch insurance

What is My Car Insurance Policy’s Deductible, and When Do I Pay It?

Car Insurance

Deductibles generally determine what a policyholder’s financial responsibility is for a covered claim. When a deductible applies, the policyholder usually must pay the deductible out of pocket before the policy will pay