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What Is Electrician Insurance?

Electrical work, even when it’s done by experienced hands, comes with inherent risks and dangers. An error can result in property damage, injury and/or death, and this doesn’t even take into account the property losses that a business can face. Electrician insurance policies help protect electrical contractors and electricians working in Massachusetts from many of the potential perils they face.

Electrician insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s uniquely designed to meet the needs electricians. Policies are usually written as package policies that combine multiple coverages together, and electricians often can adjust their policy’s exact coverages to suit their particular situation.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Is an Electrician Policy Right For?

Most businesses in Massachusetts that work with electrical currents should have some electrician policy in place. This includes (but may not be limited to):

  • Electrical contractors
  • Electricians
  • Electrical service companies

Moreover, these businesses usually need coverage regardless of their legal structure. Incorporating might provide some legal protection, but the protection afforded by incorporation is generally different from what’s offered by an electrician policy’s insurance coverages.

Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Do Electrician Policies Afford?

The exact coverages included in electrician policies can vary, but there are some common coverages that many policies make available as standard or optional protections. Policies often offer:

Electricians can get help finding the coverages that make sense for their situation by talking with an insurance agent who specializes in these policies. A specialized agent will be familiar with the many coverage options that are available, and they’ll know what sorts of businesses can benefit from each.

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Is Workers Compensation Included in Electrician Policies?

While some businesses in the field need workers compensation coverage for workers they employ, this coverage isn’t included in many electrician policies. Instead, it’s normally purchased separately through a stand-alone policy. Most insurance agents who assist with electrician policies can also help with workers compensation policies.

What Types of Claims Do Electrician Policies Cover?

Depending on an electrician policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions, it might cover a range of potential incidents. Some examples of what a policy might cover include:

  • A thief steals electrical tools from a job site
  • An employee is in an accident while driving between job sites
  • A bystander is shocked as a result of an employee mistake
  • A fire starts as a result of an employee mistake

Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

How Are Electrician Policies’ Premiums Determined?

Insurance companies look at many factors when setting rates for electrician policies. A business’ location, service area, scope of electrical work and the equipment used can all influence premiums, as can many other factors.

An independent insurance agent can help businesses find out what a policy would cost them. Independent agents aren’t linked with any one insurer, so they can compare quotes from several different companies and show business owners the best available options.

How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get Quotes for Electrician Insurance?

For help obtaining electrician insurance, contact the independent agents at Paul T. Murphy Insurance. Our team has worked with many businesses in Massachusetts, and we have the expertise necessary to find a policy that has the right coverages for your business.

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