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Business Insurance in Massachusetts

Our Commercial Lines Professionals are here to help you determine the most appropriate coverage for your unique business needs. Not only will we provide a free quote, our agents will compare your quote with our respected carriers to find the best fit for your business.

What is Business Insurance?

Within the insurance industry, “Commercial Insurance” and “Business Insurance” are frequently used interchangeably. Both of these terms describe insurance policies designed for businesses, rather than personal insurance policies written for individuals.

Every business in Massachusetts is exposed to some degree of inherent risk. While all businesses are exposed to basic hazards such as fire, many companies face unique insurance needs due the nature of their business.  Due to diverse business insurance needs, Commercial Insurance policies have been broken down into several separate parts to meet these varying needs. 

Business Insurance Massachusetts

What Types of Commercial Insurance Are Available?

There are two Commercial Insurance policies created for either small, or large businesses. Medium to small business generally qualify for a Business Owners Policy. Larger business will require a Commercial Policy that has eight separate coverage parts that can be purchased individually, or packaged into one policy. Whether large or small, our Business Lines Professionals can help your business purchase the appropriate Commercial Policy type.

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What Are Commercial Package Policies?

As previously mentioned, there are eight coverage types to a Commercial Policy created for large businesses.  Although a single line of Commercial coverage can be purchased, purchasing more than one coverage type is known as a Commercial Package Policy.  Most businesses will need multiple lines of coverage to fully protect their business.

There are various ways to package the eight parts of the Commercial Policy.  The most commonly purchased coverage parts are Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and General Liability Insurance.  Among the other coverage parts are Inland and Marine, Boiler, or Crime policies.  Purchasing multiple coverage parts allow a business to customize coverage to fit their unique business insurance needs.

Business Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Massachusetts Businesses Get Business Insurance Policies?

Selecting business policies is a complex process. It involves determining what coverage types a business needs, comparing rates and finding the most affordable way to protect their business and operations.

For help going through this process, businesses should contact one of our knowledgeable Commercial Lines agents who can recommend coverage, and compare rates form our respected carriers to maximize your coverage and savings!

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