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What is General Liability Insurance?

Many businesses in Massachusetts are exposed to a variety of risks. General Liability insurance helps businesses shield themselves from some of the most common risks they face.

General Liability insurance policies are foundational to many business’ insurance portfolios. While a single General Liability policy may not offer all of the protections that a business needs, the protections a policy does provide are often indispensable.

General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

What are Occurrence Basis Forms Compared to Claims Basis Forms?

Occurrence Basis forms, protect a commercial business for its responsibility for Property Damage or Bodily Injury to others that happen within the policy effective period.  A claim may be filed at a later date, but so long as the loss occurred within the policy effective period it may be covered.  

Claims Basis forms, will only cover losses that are reported within the effective policy dates.

What Type of Coverage are Provided in a General Liability Policy?

There are three coverage protection types that are covered under the General Liability policy; Coverage A, B and C.

Coverage A, provides protection for Premise and Operations liability, as well as Products and Completed Operations liability. 

  • Premise and Operations coverage, provided protections for injury or property damage resulting from the ownership of premises or business activities on or off the premises. For example, a visitor may slip on ice on the front steps of a premises.  If they are injured and take legal action against the business owner, the policy would provide protection.
  • Products and Completed Operations coverage, provides coverage to manufacturers for Property Damage or Bodily Injury to others resulting from the consumption or use of a product manufactured by the business. An example would be a faulty crib created by the manufacturer that caused Bodily Injury to a child.  Regardless if the product was being used properly or not, the policy would cover a claim reported by the injured child’s family. 

Coverage B, provides protection to a business owner against personal injury and advertising injury.

  • Personal Injury, will provide coverage for a libel or slander claim fled against a business owner.
  • Advertising Injury, will cover damages resulting form copyright infringement, or oral or written defamations committed while advertising a business goods, services or products.

Coverage C, provides medical payments for reasonable expenses of others incurred on the insured premises.

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Are Employee Injuries Covered By General Liability Policies?

General liability policies do not include coverage for injured employees. A policy’s Bodily Injury coverage may protect against injuries sustained by third parties, but on-the-job injuries sustained by employees fall under the protections of Workers Compensation insurance.

Employers are legally responsible to carry Workers compensation coverage for their employees.  Our experienced Commercial Lines agents can help business owners find a comprehensive General Liability policy along with a Workers Compensation policy.

What Businesses in Massachusetts Need General Liability Coverage?

General Liability coverage is a protection that all Massachusetts businesses should carry since its protections are so foundational.  Many different businesses, from sole proprietorships with low inherent risk, to large corporations operating in high-risk industries, can all benefit from the protections that this General Liability coverage provides.

General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

Should Professionals Have General Liability Policies?

Professionals in private practice are another example of a business that would benefit from getting a General Liability policy.  A General Liability policy may not cover work mistakes like malpractice, but a General Liability policy often will help protect against common accidents that can occur around the office such as slip and falls, or protection against libel suits.  Such protections are not offered on Professional Liability policies. 

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How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get General Liability Insurance?

Even though it’s a basic form of insurance, securing a General Liability isn’t a simple process. General Liability protection are available as stand-alone policies, but are often package in a Business Owners Policy (BOP) or Commercial Package Policy (CPP).  Our knowledgeable agents have experience helping businesses find the best General Liability policies to match your General Liability needs, as well as compare rates from several of our trusted carriers!

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