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What is Carpenter Insurance?

Carpenters are exposed to a variety of potential risks, which include liability, property and other perils. Carpenter insurance helps protect carpenters working in Massachusetts from many of the risks they face.

Carpenter insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s uniquely designed with carpenters in mind. Most of these policies are package policies that have several coverages bundled together so they can provide carpenters with a robust range of protections.

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What Professionals in Massachusetts Need Carpenters Insurance?

The vast majority of businesses and individuals who provide carpentry services in Massachusetts ought to carry carpenters insurance. Few businesses in this line of work are free of risk, and this is normally the most appropriate kind of insurance for these businesses. 

In some situations, carpenters may have a tough time landing certain jobs without insurance. Many homeowners and businesses will only hire carpenters who have insurance.

Carpenter Insurance Massachusetts

Do Carpenters Who Work as Subcontractors Need Their Own Insurance?

Carpenters who take on subcontracting jobs may have some coverage through the contractor they work for. Not all contractors carry liability or property coverage that extends to subcontractors, though, and those that do might have only limited protections for subs. 

For these reasons, most carpenters who are subcontractors should still consider purchasing their own insurance policy. When purchasing a policy, carpenters have much more control over the protections their insurance policy comes with.

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What Coverages Does Carpenters Insurance Provide?

The exact coverages that carpenters insurance policies make available can vary, but many policies offer coverages like the following as standard or optional protections:

  • Commercial General Liability Coverage, which may cover common accidents resulting in injury or property damage
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which might cover owned vans and trucks used for work
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage, which might cover especially expensive liability claims with supplemental protection
  • Commercial Building Coverage, which might cover an office, warehouse or other buildings
  • Commercial Personal Property Coverage, which might cover inventory, supplies and  equipment
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which might cover inventory, supplies and equipment while they’re taken to and from job sites
  • Builders Risk Coverage, which might cover inventory, supplies and equipment kept at job sites
  • Business Income Coverage, which might cover some sustained revenue drops that are caused by disasters

In addition to these, some carpenters may also need errors and omissions coverage. Commonly called E&O coverage, this is a form of professional liability insurance that usually protects against errors that are made while working. The coverage’s protection is typically most useful to carpenters in situations where they give customers advice.

An insurance agent who specializes in carpenters insurance can help carpentry businesses and professionals review their coverage options and select the protections that make sense for their situation.

Carpenter Insurance Massachusetts

Do Carpenters Need Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation typically protects against job-related injuries and illnesses, which carpenters certainly can sustain. Most businesses that have employees are required to carry the coverage, and carpenters who are self-employed may want the protection in case their hurt while working.

In many cases, however, workers compensation is purchased on its own rather than through a carpenter policy. Most agents who are familiar with carpenter policies can also assist with workers compensation policies.

How Can Carpenters in Massachusetts Get Carpenter Insurance?

For help finding a carpenter insurance policy, contact the independent insurance agents of Paul T. Murphy Insurance. Our agents are able to help you compare policy quotes from a number of insurance companies in Massachusetts, and they have the expertise that's necessary to help you select the best available one. 

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