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What is Mechanic Insurance?

The work mechanics do leaves them and their businesses exposed to a range of potential risks, and it’s generally important to protect against these risks when possible. Mechanic insurance shields mechanics in Massachusetts from many of the risks they face.

Mechanic insurance is a specialized kind of commercial insurance that’s intended to meet the unique insurance needs of mechanics and their businesses. In order to provide protection against multiple risks, most policies combine several individual coverages together into a package policy.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need Auto Mechanic Insurance?

Most people and businesses that provide mechanic services in Massachusetts can benefit from the protections that auto mechanic insurance affords. This may include a variety of businesses, such as:

  • General auto repair shops
  • Specialized auto repair shops
  • Mobile auto service businesses
  • Quick oil change businesses

In addition to these, other businesses might also find this form of insurance helpful. An insurance agent who specializes in auto mechanic policies can help specific businesses determine whether this is the right commercial insurance for them.

Mechanic Insurance Massachusetts

Do Car Dealerships Need an Auto Mechanic Policy?

While car dealerships that have service centers often need many of the protections that auto mechanic policies provide, their coverage needs often extend beyond those of a typical mechanic shop. In many cases, car dealerships are better protected by purchasing a slightly different insurance policy that can better protect against the additional risks they face.

Do People Who Repair Family and Friends’ Vehicles Need Auto Mechanic Insurance?

People who repair their family and friends’ vehicles without receiving compensation for the work done usually don’t need to carry an auto mechanic policy. Anyone who does mechanic work in exchange for monetary or other compensation, however, probably should have a policy in place. Homeowners and other personal insurance policies typically don’t cover this type of risk when money exchanges hands.

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What Coverages Does Auto Mechanic Insurance Offer?

Depending on a policy’s terms and conditions, auto mechanic insurance might offer a variety of possible protections. Some of the more common ones are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may protect against accidents that result in a third-party injury or property damage
  • Garage Keepers Liability Coverage, which may protect customers’ vehicles while they’re at a mechanic’s garage
  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may protect a mechanic’s garage itself and items kept inside the building
  • Crime Coverage, which may protect against crimes by both employees and burglars
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which may protect company-owned tow trucks, loaner cars and other vehicles
  • Business Interruption Coverage, which may protect against losses in revenue that follow certain covered disasters

Businesses also frequently need workers compensation coverage, which usually helps pay for lost wages and medical bills associated with work-related illnesses and injuries. Workers compensation may be purchased within an auto mechanic policy or separately from the package policy.

How Expensive is an Auto Mechanic Policy?

Auto Mechanic policies tend to be affordable, although there are many factors that can influence how much any specific mechanic or shop pays for coverage. Some of the items that can influence cost are:

  • Where a mechanic shop is located
  • What sort of work a shop performs
  • How many cars a shop services
  • How many claims a shop has previously filed
  • What coverages, endorsements and limits a shop chooses

Mechanic Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Mechanics in Massachusetts Get Mechanic Insurance?

For help insuring an auto service business in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Paul T. Murphy Insurance. Our agents have the expertise necessary to help you find a mechanic insurance policy that meets your particular needs, and they can show you the best available policy options since they’re independent of any one insurance company.

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