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What is HVAC Contractor Insurance?

Heating and air conditioning service providers are exposed to a range of potential risks by the work that they do. HVAC contractor insurance policies help shield Massachusetts businesses that work in this industry from many of the risks they face.

HVAC contractor insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been designed to meet the particular needs of heating and air conditioning service providers. In order to meet these businesses' multifaceted needs, most HVAC contractor policies are package policies that have several individual coverages.

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What Contractors in Massachusetts Need HVAC Business Insurance?

The majority of heating and air conditioning service providers in Massachusetts ought to consider getting HVAC business insurance. Not having insurance often leaves a business unnecessarily exposed to risks, and this tends to be the most appropriate type of insurance for heating and air conditioning specialists.

Some specific examples of businesses that may benefit from this type of policy include:

  • Residential HVAC companies
  • Commercial HVAC companies
  • Furnace and air conditioning retailers
  • Air duct cleaning companies
  • HVAC technicians who moonlight on their own

Businesses that are in the HVAC space but also offer other contracting services, such as plumbing services, should speak with an insurance agent about their situation. An agent who specializes in HVAC business and similar insurance policies will be able to recommend the most appropriate type of policy given a business’ particular situation.

HVAC Contractor Insurance Massachusetts

Are HVAC Technicians Covered by Their Employer’s HVAC Business Insurance?

HVAC technicians normally are protected by their employer’s HVAC business insurance when they perform work for that employer and within the scope of their job. Thus, techs usually don’t have to worry about procuring their own insurance if they only do work directly for their employer and their employer has a decent policy in place.

An employer’s insurance coverage, however, typically doesn’t apply to work that isn’t done for the employer. As a result, techs who do side gigs by themselves or pro bono work for charities usually don’t have coverage through their employer for this work. Instead, they usually do need to get their own HVAC business insurance policy if they want insurance protection for these jobs.

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What Protections Do HVAC Business Policies Make Available?

There are many coverages that an HVAC business policy might offer as standard or optional protections. Some of the more commonly available ones are:

HVAC Contractor Insurance Massachusetts

Do HVAC Business Policies Come with Workers Compensation?

Most heating and air conditioning service providers need workers compensation for their employees. This is a coverage that typically protects against workplace injuries, and Massachusetts law usually requires businesses that have employees to carry the protection.

Not all HVAC business policies come with workers compensation, though. While some may, the coverage is sometimes alternatively purchased through a separate policy that stands on its own. In either situation, an agent who’s familiar with HVAC business policies can often also help find workers compensation.

How Can Service Providers Get HVAC Contractor Insurance?

For help finding HVAC contractor insurance, contact the independent insurance agents of Paul T. Murphy Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents can show you policy options from multiple insurance companies, and our team has the expertise needed to help you choose the best available policy for your business.

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