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What is Landscaping Insurance?

Landscapers invest a lot in the businesses they own, and those investments should be protected. Landscaping insurance helps landscapers in Massachusetts safeguard their businesses from a variety of potential risks.

Landscaping insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of landscapers. Most policies come as package policies, containing several coverages within them, and landscapers can usually adjust the exact coverages that their policy provides.

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What Coverages Are Included in Landscaper Insurance Policies?

Since businesses can frequently adjust the coverages in their policies, the exact list of coverages included in landscaper insurance policies varies. There are, however, several coverages that are widely available through these policies as either standard or optional protections:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover common accidents and some lawsuits
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover harm and damage caused by used products
  • Pollution Liability Coverage, which may cover environmental contamination by products
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage, which may cover mistaken landscaping or lawn care advice
  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may cover owned buildings, equipment and supplies
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which may cover equipment while it’s being transported between sites
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which may cover owned vehicles and trailers

When comparing and choosing coverages, businesses ought to speak with an insurance agent who specializes in this type of commercial insurance. An agent who knows landscaper policies will be able to make informed recommendations regarding coverages and other policy options.


Landscaping Insurance Massachusetts


What Massachusetts Businesses Need Landscaper Insurance?

Most businesses in Massachusetts that offer landscaping and/or lawn care services should consider landscaper insurance. This includes sole proprietors, LLCs and other corporations of all sizes that are in this field of work. Without insurance in place, landscaping businesses may be unnecessarily and dangerously exposed to potential risks.

Is Workers Compensation Included in Landscaper Insurance Policies?

Most landscaper policies don’t come with workers compensation coverage. Instead, businesses that need this for their employees usually purchase the coverage through a stand-alone policy that can complement a landscaper policy. Insurance agents who are familiar with landscaper policies typically can also assist with workers compensation policies.

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Do Landscapers Need Insurance During the Winter Months?

Canceling an insurance policy during the winter months when there’s not as much landscaping work might seem like a cost-effective measure, but doing so can have negative consequences.

First, canceling coverage altogether generally leaves landscaping equipment unprotected. Should the equipment be damaged or vandalized while in storage, the incident likely won’t be covered if a policy has been completely canceled. This can leave landscapers with an expensive cost to pay themselves before they begin working again in the spring.

Second, canceling coverage could create a gap that may lead to higher insurance premiums in the future. Insurers frequently consider whether a business has had coverage gaps when setting rates, and they might charge more if your business has a gap or lapse in coverage.

Rather than canceling coverage and risking these potential negative consequences, it’s often wiser to adjust coverages for the winter months. A knowledgeable insurance agent can help businesses reduce their protections to only what they need for their equipment while it’s in storage, and then the agent can adjust coverage just before the landscaping season starts up again. By adjusting -- and not canceling -- coverage, businesses can usually keep the protections they need in place and avoid the possibility of a coverage gap.

Landscaping Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Massachusetts Businesses Get Landscaping Insurance?

For help finding landscaping insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Paul T. Murphy Insurance. Our team has helped many Massachusetts landscapers get the coverages they need, and we’ll work hard to find a policy that’s right for your business.

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