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Tree service insurance won’t do anything to prevent incidents from happening, but it could provide Massachusetts arborists with important financial protection in the event of a covered claim.

  • Shape or trim trees
  • Manage tree pest infestations
  • Remove trees and stumps

  • Business Property Coverage
  • Inland Marine Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage

What is tree service insurance?

The work of chopping, trimming and otherwise caring for trees comes with substantial risks. Personal injury, damage from falling trees, and theft of equipment are just some of the perils that arborists must consider. Tree service insurance won’t do anything to prevent incidents from happening, but it could provide Massachusetts arborists with important financial protection in the event of a covered claim.

Tree service insurance offers arborists access to specialized insurance policies that are tailored to their needs. Policies typically cover property and liability risks by offering multiple coverages.

Tree Service Insurance Massachusetts


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What professionals in Massachusetts should have arborist insurance in place?

Most individuals and businesses that offer for-hire tree service in Massachusetts should consider arborist insurance. This includes arborists and anyone else offering tree-related services.

For example, businesses that do the following sorts of work might find that this is the best insurance option for them:

  • Shape or trim trees
  • Manage tree pest infestations
  • Remove trees and stumps
  • Provide municipal tree care
  • Offer landscaping services
  • Offer hardscaping services

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What coverages are available from arborist insurance policies?

Depending on their terms and conditions, arborist insurance policies might offer coverages such as:

Arborists also frequently need commercial auto coverage for the vehicles that they use. A commercial policy is usually needed if a business owns commercially registered trucks. Commercial coverage might also be needed even if business owners drive personally owned trucks for work.

An insurance agent who specializes in arborist insurance will be familiar with the nuances of commercial auto coverage. They can help ensure that any vehicles used are properly insured while they’re being driven to and from job sites.

Tree Service Insurance Massachusetts

Is workers' compensation coverage included in arborist insurance policies?

Workers' compensation coverage normally protects against a variety of job-related injuries, which are certainly a risk when climbing and cutting trees. Most businesses in Massachusetts are required to carry the coverage if they have employees, and this requirement typically applies to arborists.

Whether workers' compensation is available within an arborist policy depends on the policy. Some policies may include the coverage, while others leave it to be purchased alone. If the coverage isn’t included within an arborist policy, it’s readily available through policies that provide only workers comp.

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How can arborists get quotes for tree service insurance?

For help comparing tree service insurance quotes, contact the independent insurance agents at Paul T. Murphy Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents are able to request multiple customized quotes on your behalf, and we can get those quotes from different insurance companies. Once we have quotes, our agents can help you compare them to determine which would best meet your business' needs.

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