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What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Leaders of both for- and non-profit organizations assume a certain level of risk when they take their leadership positions. Because they have an oversized influence on their organization, they’re sometimes held personally liable for incidents that negatively affect the group they lead. Directors and officers insurance can help shield leaders of Massachusetts organizations from certain lawsuits that they might face if something goes awry.

Directors and officers insurance is a specialized form of professional liability insurance. As a liability protection, policies usually help pay legal fees, settlements and judgements that are associated with covered lawsuits and claims.

Who in Massachusetts Can D&O Insurance Help?

Many leaders in Massachusetts may benefit from having a D&O policy in place. As mentioned, this insurance may be appropriate for leaders of both for-profit and nonprofit groups. Some people who might want coverage in place include:

  • C-level executives

  • Presidents and vice presidents

  • Chairpersons and board members

  • Directors and/or officers

In short, anyone whose decisions and actions have an especially significant impact on their organization.

Directors and Officers Insurance Massachusetts

Do Leaders Purchase Their Own D&O Insurance?

While leaders are generally welcome to purchase their own D&O policies, it’s fairly common for businesses and nonprofits to secure coverage for their senior officials. This is because the need for coverage is typically directly tied to leaders’ work with their respective organization.

How Much Does D&O Insurance Cost?

D&O policies are normally affordable for organizations, but their premiums do frequently vary. Insurers often base premiums on how many leaders a policy covers, what positions those leaders hold, whether the organization has a history of filing insurance claims and how much protection is selected.

For a detailed explanation of how much a policy would cost them, organizations should contact an independent insurance agent who specializes in this type of professional liability coverage. A specialized agent will know what coverage options are available and what factors affect premiums, and one who’s independent will be able to compare quotes from several different insurance companies in the state.

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How Much D&O Insurance Should Organizations Purchase for Their Leaders?

There isn’t one set amount of D&O coverage that’s right for every situation, and organizations ought to take several items under consideration when determining how well to protect their leaders. This is usually a process that involves several key people:

  • The leader(s) who are being insured

  • The decision maker(s) who will ultimately decide on a coverage option

  • An attorney who can give example scenarios for consideration

  • An informed insurance agent who can explain coverage options and compare policies

Because this is a unique and detailed insurance, it’s often wise to work with an insurance agent who specializes in the coverage.

What Kinds of Claims Does D&O Insurance Protect Against?

Depending on their terms and conditions, D&O policies may protect against a range of potential incidents. Some examples of claims that a policy might cover include issues related to leaders’:

  • Bad investment decisions

  • Personnel-related actions

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Acts of gross negligence

  • Improper disclosures of protected information

  • Illegal acts

Having coverage isn’t an excuse for committing these acts, and it frequently doesn’t protect leaders from criminal charges or other consequences that follow their actions. Coverage is normally limited to certain civil suits and claims.

Directors and Officers Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Massachusetts Organizations Get Directors and Officers Insurance?

For help finding directors and officers insurance for your business or nonprofit, contact the insurance professionals at Paul T. Murphy Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have helped many organizations in Massachusetts find this coverage, and our team is ready to assist you.

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