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What Is Snow Plowing Insurance?

Businesses owners of snow plowing outfits have made sizeable investments in their business, and those investments ought to be protected. Snow plowing insurance policies help protect Massachusetts businesses that offer plowing services from a range of possible risks.

Snow plowing insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s uniquely designed to meet the needs of plowing businesses. Policies are usually written as package policies that include several coverages, and businesses usually can adjust the included coverages to suit their particular situation.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need Snow Plow Insurance Policies?

Most businesses in Massachusetts that offer snow plowing services need this form of insurance. Some examples of businesses that probably need a policy include:

  • Residential plowing businesses
  • Commercial plowing businesses
  • Landscaping businesses that plow during winter
  • Truck owners who plow on their own
  • Other businesses and individuals who plow

Whether these businesses and individuals plow part- or full-time generally doesn’t impact the need for coverage. As long as a business plows at least a few driveways for money, insurance is probably necessary.

Snow Plow Insurance Massachusetts

Do People Who Plow Their Own Driveways Need Snow Plow Insurance?

Whether individuals need a commercial snow plow insurance policy for personal plowing activities normally depends on at least two criteria.

First, some plow owners may need a commercial policy because their truck is registered as a commercial vehicle. Even if a truck is used for personal driving, a commercial snow plow policy may be necessary if the registration reads “commercial.”

Second, whether plow owners are paid often influences what type of insurance is needed. Those who plow their own, friends’ and family members’ driveways without receiving compensation ma only need a robust personal policy. Anyone who is paid -- even if by friends or family members -- for plowing has ventured beyond the scope of most personal policies and likely needs a commercial snow plow policy.

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What Coverages Are Included in Snow Plow Insurance Policies?

Since plowing businesses can frequently adjust their policies’ coverages, the exact coverages included in these policies often vary slightly. There are, however, many coverages that policies commonly make available as standard or optional protections. A few are:

Every coverage should be selected with care, but commercial auto coverage deserves special attention. Plowing businesses typically own expensive vehicles, and drivers are frequently out in difficult driving conditions. In most cases, the commercial auto coverage selected should provide plenty of protection for plowing vehicles and potential accidents.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with the needs of snow plow businesses can help make sure the appropriate commercial auto coverage protections are in place when purchasing a policy.

Snow Plowing Insurance Massachusetts

Do Snow Plow Insurance Policies Offer Workers Compensation?

Although snow plow businesses that hire employees normally need to carry workers compensation, this coverage isn’t included in many snow plow policies. Instead, businesses that need it usually purchase a separate policy that provides the coverage. Insurance agents who assist with snow plow policies often can also help with workers compensation coverage.

How Can Plowing Businesses in Massachusetts Get Snow Plowing Insurance?

For help insuring a plowing business in Massachusetts, contact the independent and knowledgeable insurance agents at Paul T. Murphy Insurance. Our team has worked with many plowing businesses in the state, and we’re ready to help you find snow plowing insurance that’s right for your outfit.

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