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Covid-19 City of Malden Update

Malden Board of Health Declaration of Public Health Emergency Action

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On April 21, 2020 the Board of Health voted that due to the Public Health Emergency as a result of COVID-19 new requirements will take effect immediately and will remain in effect until it is determined that the Public Health Emergency no longer exists.

Effective immediately, the following requirements are in effect for employers, employees and customers of essential businesses:

  • At no time is it acceptable to have the presence of any employee or agent of the business who is sick, feels sick, or exhibits symptoms of being sick; and any such person is to be sent home.
  • All employees of essential services as defined by Governor Baker’s COVID-19 Executive Orders, including but not limited to, grocery stores, pharmacies, drive thru food and coffee establishments, home improvement stores and the like should wear a face covering such as a fabric mask, scarf, or bandana over their mouth and nose when interacting with the public and within six feet of a co-worker. Employees whose duties involve handling food or in-person public interaction should also use other recommended personal protective equipment such as gloves.
  • Essential Businesses shall implement a work policy mandating that employees self- certify to their supervisor at the start of each shift that: (1) the employee has no fever, (2) the employee has no measured temperature above 100 degrees, (3) the employee has no cough, sore throat, or trouble breathing, (4) the employee does not have diarrhea, (5) the employee has not been ordered to self- isolate by a doctor, or local health official, (6) the employee has not been ordered to quarantine by a doctor, health care provider or local health official, (7) neither the employees or household members have tested positive for COVID-19 or clinically diagnosed as having COVID-19, (8) the employee has not had “close contact” or exposure to an individual diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • All members of the public entering any essential business as defined by Governor Baker’s COVID-19 Executive Orders, including but not limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, home improvements stores and the like must at all times wear a face covering, such as a fabric mask, scarf or bandana, over their mouth and nose. The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical grade or N-95 respirators, which must be left for medical professionals and first responders.
  • All members of the public entering a restaurant for the purpose of picking up food for take-out must wear a face covering over the mouth and nose.

To read the City of Malden Board of Health Declaration in full, please visit www.cityofmalden.org/Coronavirus.