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Car insurance, or auto insurance, gives drivers insurance coverage for the financial losses that accidents can cause.

Everyone who drives a vehicle on Massachusetts’ public roads are legally required to maintain the state’s minimum levels of car insurance coverage.

  • Carrier Specific Enhancements such as Accident Forgiveness and Disappearing Deductibles may be available
  • Personal Injury Protection, which may cover injuries that people in the drivers’ vehicle sustain
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries that others sustain

What is Car Insurance?

Operating a motor vehicle comes with an inherent level of risk. Even the most cautious drivers are likely to be involved in at least one auto accident (if not several) over the course of their lifetime. While Auto insurance policies cannot reduce the risk of accidents, they help mitigate the financial burden resulting from an accident.

In Massachusetts, a minor accident results in a claim payment of $1,000, and up to and including $5,000 for damage to someone else’s property, collision, limited collision or bodily injury to others.  A major accident results in a claim payment of more than $5,000.  Whether you are involved in a minor or major accident, drivers should make sure they have sufficient coverage for all accident types.

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  • When I called the staff at Paul T. Murphy Insurance, they explained how auto reform would allow me to increase coverage and save money at the same time. I moved my home and umbrella insurance to my current auto carrier and saved over $350. In July 2008 when my auto insurance renews with Safety Insurance, I will save another $300 just for having my auto and home insurance with the same company. The staff at Paul T Murphy Insurance Agency really understands the new Massachusetts reform and how to pass savings and additional coverage to their clients.


    Winchester, MA

  • After many years of doing business with the Paul T. Murphy Insurance Agency, I am thrilled to learn of this relationship with Northrup to service the Lynnfield area. I have trusted both my personal and business policies with Paul and have never received less than the best of service. I like the face that they service as professionals but treat you like a friend. Recently during a complicated Workers Comp claim, Paul showed up to walk me through what I thought would be a mess of paperwork and confusion – the personalized service I receive spoke volumes. I have never gotten service like that from anyone else. I also like the fact that they are always ready to save me money without ever compromising my coverage.

    Tony Bartolo

    Lynnfield, MA

  • One of the best business and personal decisions I ever made was to collaborate with Paul Murphy Insurance Company for our families insurance needs. Starting with our business policies, then eventually all of our personal policies, we have slowly transitioned all to be managed by PMI. Many companies loosely tout that they treat you as one of the family; PMI proves it in their actions. We are glad we are part of their family.

    Kelly Ilebode

    Boston, MA

Who in Massachusetts Should Get Auto Insurance?

Per Massachusetts General Law, every vehicle registered in the State of Massachusetts must carry Compulsory Insurance coverage, also referred to as State minimum requirements. There are four parts to Compulsory coverage:

  • Bodily Injury to Others, which will pay damages to people injured or killed by your auto while on public roads within Massachusetts
  • Personal Injury Protection, which will pay benefits including medical expenses, lost wages and replacement services for passengers injured inside your auto, or if you are a pedestrian injured by an auto; regardless who is at-fault for the accident
  • Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto, will provide coverage for people injured, or killed, in accidents caused by and uninsured motorist, or hit-and-run accidents where the other party cannot be identified
  • Property Damage, will cover damage to someone else’s property damaged in an auto accident

While the State minimum insurance requirements provide a basic level of auto protection, many drivers will need to purchase higher limits of Property Damage for sufficient coverage.

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What Other Auto Insurance Coverages Are Available?

In addition to the state-mandated coverage, insurers offer a number of optional insurance coverage. The additional, optional auto coverages are:

  • Optional Bodily Injury to Others, which will pay damages to people injured or killed by accident if you or a household member is legally responsible for the accident.  Unlike Compulsory Bodily Injury to Others, this part provides coverage for injuries to guest occupants and for accidents occurring outside of Massachusetts
  • Medical Payments, will pay reasonable expenses for necessary medical and funeral services incurred as a result of an accident
  • Collision and Limited Collision, designed to cover direct damage to the policyholder’s vehicle caused by a collision
  • Comprehensive, will pay for direct or accidental damage to your auto resulting from an incident other than a collision
  • Substitute Transportation, will reimburse policyholders for the cost of renting a vehicle while your auto is being repaired after an accident
  • Towing and Labor, which is designed to reimburse the policyholder for expenses incurred each time your auto is disabled
  • Bodily Injury Caused by an Underinsured Auto, will pay damages to people injured or killed as a result of an accident where the responsible party carriers insurance limits less than your own policy limits

Emergency Roadside Assistance, GAP coverage, Disappearing Deductible and Accident Forgiveness are among a few additional optional endorsements some insurance carriers provide. Ask one of our Personal Lines agents about purchasing optional coverage and endorsements.

What is the Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision Coverage?

Both comprehensive and collision coverage extend coverage to the various loss types that may happen to your auto.  Comprehensive coverage offers protection for incidents that don’t involve other motor vehicles. For example, comprehensive coverage will protect against:

  • Objects that fall onto your auto
  • If an auto strikes an animal
  • Theft of your auto
  • Vandalism damage to your auto
  • Flood damage to your auto
  • Glass damage

Collision coverage provides protection against damage sustained to your auto that is involved in an accident with one or more automobiles

  • Single vehicle collisions
  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Multi-vehicle pileups

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How Can Drivers Save on Their Auto Policies’ Premiums?

Insurers offer several discount programs to help differentiate themselves from other carriers.  However, there are several ways Massachusetts drivers can reduce their auto policy premiums regardless of their insurance carrier.

  • Earn credit by combining multiple insurance policies with the same carrier, such as homeowners, condominium or tenant policies with your auto policy
  • Roadside Assistance Club members may receive additional discounts on their premium
  • Maintaining continuous years of insurance, without a lapse in coverage, will help to secure lower rates
  • Low mileage credits are offered by most insurance carriers
  • Earn discounts through the Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) for having a clean driving record

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How Can Drivers in Massachusetts Purchase Car Insurance?

Searching for the optimal car insurance policy for you requires both weighing personal risk and comparing the rates available policies. For help with each of these aspects, contact one of our experienced agents today!

As an independent agency, we can compare policies from our multiple insurers, enabling you the ability to maximize your coverage while keeping your premium affordable.

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